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Looking Ahead

New Life Covenant Church is going somewhere great in God! The Glory of God is being revealed through souls saved, lives changed, limits removed and territories enlarged.

As Senior Pastor, I would like to thank everyone who has supported this church's continued growth, be it with time, energy, or your finances. Every contribution is greatly appreciated and none is too small.

New Life Covenant Church, we must build God a Temple! The NLC Capital Stewardship Campaign will help us accomplish this mission. Please join us by spending some time thinking about what this church means to you, what it has meant to you, and what you want it to mean to you in the future. As your shepherd, I encourage you to pray, fast and seek God's calling on how you will support the NLC Capital Stewardship Campaign in our shared mission to build God's Temple.
John F. Hannah, Senior Pastor

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Who We Are

Our ministry keystones are Worship, Outreach, Discipleship and Servanthood. "Reaching the lost at any cost" is simply what we do.


Play Your Part

What can you do to support the NLC Capital Stewardship Campaign? Where can your talents best be used in our shared mission?

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Achieving Our Goal

As we build a Temple for God, history is being made. Together, we will celebrate the achievement of each milestone.

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